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Kyle Mathews
Front End Dev living in Bay Area. I love video games and snowboarding.

Flow to TypeScript

10 October, 2019

I am late to this debate and you can already find a ton of content on the web comparing these two products, however this article is mostly…

USA: 6 months after moving in

24 July, 2018

On January 11, 2018 I took my flight towards new experiences and challenges. I knew I was going to move from Romania since I was 21 (25 now…

Gaming: Is a 240hz monitor worth the extra money?

27 April, 2018

Opinions on web are inconsistent about this: The disappointment for me is that you can only get 25” 1080p for this refresh rate. Nowadays 2…

Being productive while driving

22 August, 2017

One year ago, my daily driving time (home - > work - > home) summed up to 1 hour or so. I hated that. I was continuously dreaming how cool…

How I managed to wake up in the morning

15 August, 2017

I usually get into the office at 10:30 which is the latest I can get by the company policy. There’s also a standup meeting at that time, so…

JavaScript: 5 interesting resources #2

03 August, 2017

I hope you didn’t think I was dead :D

Moving from PHP with Laravel to NodeJS with Express

29 April, 2017

One of my long term applications I’m working on is  Financial . I started it with a composition of: Now I feel it was not the right choice…

JavaScript: 5 interesting resources #1

10 March, 2017

Here we go:

Self-made vs library-based solutions

16 September, 2016

I want to tell you a story of how you can make a mistake in software development by thinking small. Often, developers have the tendency to…

Removing underscore.js bloat from your ES2015 project

08 September, 2016

I’ve been using  Underscore.js  for quite some time. It’s a very fast, lightweight library that provides a lot of utility functions. However…


31 August, 2016

Finally, I’ve convinced myself to start writing again. I took down my previous blog which was mostly composed from my thoughts of life as a…